Tom Cable Debate: Why Oakland Raiders’ Season Was Not As Great As You Think

Should Tom Cable get a contract extension after this season?

The raging battle between the Cable supporters and the non-supporters has begun.

Many are hoping Cable stays for another year, and others are hoping the Raiders hire Hue Jackson or someone else.

Regardless of what side you are on, the main objective is the same: Bring the Raiders back to the playoffs and their winning ways.

Most Cable supporters are quick to point out the improvement of the team's record this year, but are Raiders fans so used to losing that they are getting too excited about not losing 11 games this year?

The Raiders had a very favorable schedule in 2010. They played the NFC West and the AFC South.

The NFC West is the weakest conference in the NFL this year, and the AFC South is having a down year.

The Raiders have played five teams so far that have a winning record: the Chiefs, Colts, Steelers, Chargers twice and the Jaguars.

They are 3-3 so far against those teams, which isn't bad. What isn't impressive is the Raiders' record vs. teams that are at or below .500.

The Raiders have played nine games this year against teams that have a losing record: Broncos twice, Texans, Titans, Cardinals, Rams, Seahawks, 49ers and Dolphins.

They've only been able to win four of those games. 

Tom Cable is a "players' coach," and the players will always have his back.

That is expected when players have a "players' coach," but just because a player backs his coach doesn't mean keeping the coach is the right thing to do.

Wade Phillips was a players' coach, and the best thing to happen to the Cowboys was letting him go.

The Raiders still struggle with the little things that end up costing them big: penalties, stopping the run and mental mistakes.

The Raiders are loaded with talent, and there should be no reason why they aren't ...

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