The Three Best Replacements for Amy Trask as Oakland Raiders CEO

The Oakland Raiders continue to move forward as an organization under owner Mark Davis, who has made bold changes since his father Al Davis passed away.

One of those recent decisions was to limit the authority of longtime CEO Amy Trask, who ultimately decided to step away from the organization.

Trask's void leaves a vacancy at one of the more unique positions in professional sports. A CEO of a professional franchise goes beyond the personnel decisions that are made through the front office. The task is to generate profit and help make a respectable franchise that can be marketed.

The next CEO of the Raiders will face challenging tasks ahead, which is why there aren't many people who are up for the task to take this job. Questions continue to arise regarding the creation of a new stadium and whether or not that leads to a potential relocation to Los Angeles.

Thus, there are three candidates who could create a positive impact on the franchise moving forward.


Ray Anderson, NFL Senior Vice President Of Football Operations

Roger Goodell's right-hand man could become the next CEO of the Raiders, which would be a major blockbuster move.

Ray Anderson is the perfect man for the job, as his experience working with the NFL has helped him learn the business side of football operations. His ability to have strong connections within NFL head quarters would be a major positive for a franchise that has been hampered by losing seasons for the past decade.

The Raiders could pull the trigger with Anderson if they look at his qualifications. He might have impressed them earlier this offseason when he interviewed for a front office position.


Scott O’Neil, Former President Of Madison Square Garden

In terms of finding a candidate with prior experience in the business aspect, there may not be a better person for the job than form...

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