The Raiders’ 6 Biggest Needs After the 1st Wave of Free Agency

The Oakland Raiders have more needs than a clingy ex-girlfriend, but at least general manager Reggie McKenzie didn’t sit out the first wave of free agency. The Raiders released two players with out-of-whack contacts and signed three linebackers, two defensive tackles, two defensive backs, one defensive end and one offensive tackle.

The signings lack big names, but they bring with them quality games. The Raiders added players that at the very least will play a significant role on the team in 2013. The Raiders' moves have been solid, but a few of them were also just to replace players they lost.

The Raiders' list of needs is somewhat shorter today than it was two weeks ago, but it’s still a lot longer than the team or its fans would like. If the Raiders plan to improve in 2013, they will need to address their laundry list of needs before the start of the season. The Raiders could also create more needs if they decide to make more cost-cutting moves.

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