The One Draft Day Trade Reggie McKenzie Should Be Exploring

By way of both the 2014 NFL Draft and free agency, the Oakland Raiders have a busy and important offseason ahead of them.

General manager Reggie McKenzie will need to put together a team that sees significant improvement over that of the past two seasons, and he finally has the resources at his disposal to make it happen.

While the influx in salary cap space to be spent in free agency will get the majority of the attention, it is how McKenzie will fair in this year’s draft that will set the foundation for the roster for years to come. 

The Raiders hold a high selection at fifth overall and could very well come away with an instant impact star player because of this. 

However, if there is one trade that McKenzie and the Raiders should be looking to make on draft weekend, it would be to trade down in the first round, and possibly even more than once. 

Sure, it remains a possibility that the draft’s two best prospects, Jadeveon Clowney and Teddy Bridgewater fall to fifth overall, and each would fill a glaring need on the Raiders’ roster.

Even so, such a scenario playing out on draft day remains unlikely at best, and with the amount of needs to fill throughout the roster, they just cannot afford to sacrifice additional current and/or future selections to move up for either player. 

As a result, doing just the opposite would be the team’s best course of action.

Many will disagree with the notion, but if both Clowney and Bridgewater are off the board, and possibly even if they weren’t, the Raiders would simply receive far better value overall by adding additional mid-round picks in exchange for a trade down. 

In the eyes of well-respected NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock, per Curtis Crabtree of, this is one of the deepest draft classes of the past decade, and that sentiment has be...

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