The Oakland Raiders Daunting Second-Half Schedule: Playoffs or Bust

As the AFC debate continuously gathers momentum, the Raiders find themselves in a precarious position.

When they looked at the 2010 schedule, games against Pittsburgh and Indianapolis were circled: Oakland hasn't gotten to that part yet.

As you've read, and heard mention of how surprising the raiders are, this may be a good time for Raider fans across the globe to reflect on what's to come.

Starting with this coming Sunday, Oakland finds themselves in several match-ups that are of epic value.

The underdog card is something Oakland garners, no matter what the circumstances provide.  Stereotypically the league's bottom feeder for the past decade, rival fans are quick to point out that Oakland has the worst record of any team over the past seven years.

What they are leaving out, is that before this recent plight into the abyss, Oakland was the most winning franchise in the NFL.  Even after an abysmal seven years, Oakland still ranks 3rd in NFL franchise wins.

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