The Definitive Guide to Fixing the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are a terrible football team right now. They are an ugly 0-4, and the dreadful start cost head coach Dennis Allen his job. The team has the worst facilities in the NFL, and the roster needs a lot of work.

The Raiders need help, but no one is going to hand them a new stadium, talented players or smart coaches. One move—like bringing back Jon Gruden—isn’t going to reverse the team’s fortunes.

To get back on track, the Raiders need an intelligent, multi-staged plan. Without one, the Raiders are going to continue to churn through head coaches as opposing offenses have their defense this season.

Before they can create a plan, the Raiders need to evaluate their situation. What seems to be the problem with this franchise?

Oakland’s talent and coaching are an issue, but perhaps an even bigger problem is the perception of the team. The Raiders are like a bumbling drunk uncle that you advise your kids stay away from at family gatherings.

Owner Mark Davis looks like a cross between Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber. His handpicked general manager Reggie McKenzie sounds like he went to the George W. Bush School of Public Speaking.  It’s grossly unfair to both men, but it doesn’t change the fact that perception can be a real hindrance to a team’s progress.

The team is trying to attract a top head coach and talent in free agency, and it needs public support for a new stadium.  The fact that the Raiders are losing and they look like a circus in the process is only making them more of a joke—even if that’s not the reality.

Davis isn’t going to turn into Tom Cruise even with a new hairdo, and McKenzie doesn’t have the time to become John F. Kennedy.  If Davis were to fire McKenzie at the end of the season, it solves one perception issue but reinforces the other.


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