The Complete Oakland Raiders Draft Primer

Finally, the draft is here.

For a 3-13 team that hasn't seen the postseason in more than a decade like the Oakland Raiders, rebuilding is the name of the game. The process started out successfully with an efficient free-agency period. The draft provides the last opportunity to add some desperately needed game-changing talent.

All of the reports, rumors, interviews, pro days and film-watching comes down to this. With high picks in every round, the Raiders are in prime position to add several major pieces and finally get out of the NFL's basement. The only thing left to do is actually make the picks.

The top three picks are going to be especially important for Oakland, as these selections have to result in starters. The rest of the picks will also be important, as the Raiders have to turn them into reliable depth at several positions.

After a successful 2014 draft and a very good crop of 2015 free agents, the Raiders are on the verge of finally turning things around.

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