The Biggest Media Misconceptions About the Oakland Raiders

For nearly 50 years, the Oakland Raiders have embraced their image as the NFL’s most notorious franchise.

The rebellious owner, the crazy fans, the questionable draft pics-—they're all part of a compelling narrative that reporters have been all too happy to buy into.

But while the cameras focus only on the guy with the painted face and shoulder pads, the reality is that today’s Raiders fans run the gamut, from suburban housewives to aging hippies.

While controversial QB Terrell Pryor fits perfectly into the bad boy Raiders mold, the two guys he’s behind on the depth chart (Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart) couldn’t be more cookie cutter if they were baked by Mrs. Fields.

So is it fair for the media to continue to typecast the Raiders into the same role they played in the 1980's? Especially after the passing of Al Davis, the man who wrote the story to begin with?

Bleacher Report Lead NFL Writer Josh Zerkle and NFL Contributor Owen Clark debate the biggest media misconceptions about the Oakland Raiders and where the team is heading next season.

Check out their video above, and give us your thoughts in the comments below on what the media gets wrong (and what they get right) about the Silver and Black. 

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