Terrelle Pryor: Why We Shouldn’t Criticize Him for Appealing His Suspension

When news first came out that Terrelle Pryor would be appealing his five-game suspension I wrote a Bleacher Report article saying I didn't think he should. Instead, I thought he would be better off studying the playbook and working with the coaches for five weeks.

I gave my reasons for my opinion, and received many comments from readers, most of whom thought I was wrong.

I also received comments stating that perhaps it wasn't all Pryor's idea to appeal the suspension. Some said it was probably Al Davis pushing the idea, or the NFLPA itself.

Since I wrote that piece some media outlets like ESPN have reported that it was most likely members of the NFLPA executive committee who had pushed for the union to appeal Pryor's suspension.

While I didn't like the idea of Pryor appealing his suspension at the time, now I am leaning towards giving the young man the benefit of the doubt.

If it is not just a case of Pryor not wanting to accept his punishment for the in the memorabilia-for-cash scandal, then I don't think we should hold it against the young man. I'm sure the pressure being put on Pryor from all sides of this issue is way more than we can imagine.

While I doubt Pryor's suspension will be lifted completely, he may get it reduced by a game or so. But I don't think Pryor will be ready to be an active part of the Raiders offense until much later in the season.

According to ESPN's Bill Williamson, Oakland coach Hue Jackson doesn't believe Pryor will have an instant impact either. In his blog, Williamson said,

"Earlier this week, Oakland coach Hue Jackson essentially said it didn’t matter if Pryor appealed or not. It’s doubtful he’d be a major contributor quickly if he won his appeal. However, it would get him practice time after entering the league late in the summer."

Pryor may or may not get his suspension lifted or shortened, but either way ...

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