Terrelle Pryor Proving He’s Not the Raiders’ Long-Term QB

It lasted four games and it was fun, but the days of Terrelle Pryor looking like the Oakland Raiders' long-term option at quarterback are gone. Four games gone to be precise, but it took a month for confirmation.

On a windy Sunday in New Jersey, Pryor successfully erased all the hope and optimism he brought to the Raiders during the early part of the season. The Raiders lost 24-20 to the New York Giants because of Pryor's poor passing performance—his fourth in a row.

When Pryor was named the starter in Week 1, he had 16 games to prove he was the long-term answer. After eight starts, Pryor hasn't proven anything.

With just seven games left, he's just about out of time.

The plan was always to give Pryor the season to see what he could do. If he failed, the Raiders could draft a quarterback in 2014. If Pryor did well, the Raiders would have the luxury of building around him instead of replacing him.

For four games it looked like Pryor was taking advantage of his opportunity, completing 68.3 percent of his passes and throwing four touchdowns with just two interceptions. Pryor seemed to improve steadily each week and was avoiding turnovers.

There was never any doubt what Pryor brought to the field athletically as a runner, but he had to develop as a passer if he was going to be a franchise quarterback. Raider Nation was understandably excited after his first four starts yielded positive results and a 2-2 record.

Unfortunately for Pryor, the Raiders and the fans, four games is a small sample. Defenses would learn how to slow Pryor down if he didn't take advantage of them through the air.

The Kansas City Chiefs exposed Pryor in Week 6, but there was no reason to hit the panic button after one game against the best defense in the league.

The Raiders had a bye in Week 7, giving Pryor a chance to regroup. They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-18 after ...

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