Terrelle Pryor: Al Davis’s Last Pick Demonstrates His Worth to Raiders

When an NFL player rises above adversity as Terrelle Pryor has done since the death of his father, a mentor, and the owner of his team, Al Davis, we see the strength and passion that can be spurred by difficult times.

A victory in the third preseason game of the Oakland Raiders was urgently needed. The New Era of Excellence needed to be confirmed by a show of determination and passion in a 2012 preseason game, especially after two consecutive losses in Week 1 and 2.

The speed of Terrelle Pryor was impressive. As you know, Al Davis loved speed in a player, even if he is a quarterback.

If Pryor continues with his style of running the ball when he can not pass the ball, then the media will be talking about him as they talk about the style of Tim Tebow. In the second half of the game, I laughed as I realized that Pryor was so determined to get a touchdown that his actions said, "If I have to do it, I will."

Victories during the preseason may not matter as much as victories during the regular season, but they certainly boost the spirits of the fans who hope that the "Just win, baby" attitude is revived in 2012.

The growth curve is pointing upward as you compare the performance over the first three weeks of the 2012 preseason.

There is a change from zero points to 27 points to 31 points and then a victory for the Oakland Raiders. The offense is doing a better job since Week 1. Moving from a final score of 3-0 (a loss) to 31-27 (another loss) to a 31-20 victory for the Raiders is an outstanding growth pattern.

It's very important that the Raiders defeat the Seahawks so that Raider Nation sees consistency and a continuing upward trend rather than a pattern where one week the Raiders win, and the next week they lose.

Consistency and a steady and upward development is what we hope for the Oakland Raiders in 2012.

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