Terrell Owens to Oakland Raiders: Jerry Rice and I Defend T.O.’s Potential

Whenever anything positive is said about Terrell Owens, it doesn't take long for members of the media to speak out against rationality.

ESPN.com writer Bill Williamson can now add his name to that lengthy list.

Former teammate of Owens, Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice, recently suggested that T.O. would be a good fit with the Oakland Raiders.

Hard to disagree with a man often considered to be the greatest of all-time at the position.

Apparently not for Bill Williamson.


"...on NFL Live on Tuesday, the ESPN analyst (Rice) said something I can’t be on board with -- Terrell Owens would fit in with the Oakland Raiders.

Asked if he thought Owens would fit in with an NFL team, Rice said he thought the Raiders would be a fit because they could use a veteran to go along with their several young receivers.

Adding fuel to the possibility, of course, is Owens is friends and former teammates with Oakland quarterback Carson Palmer. Owens worked out with Palmer and some Oakland receivers this offseason.

Still, I don’t like the fit."

Naturally of course, I wouldn't have expected Williamson to like the fit.

To agree with Jerry Rice is to accept the notion that Owens could contribute something positive to an NFL organization.

You know, little things like productivity, points on the board, leadership, increased stadium attendance and team revenue.

Don't gasp just yet, unlike Williamson, I'm prepared to substantiate my claims.


While being backed by the least efficient running game in the NFL has to offer (32nd in YPA in 2010), Owens produced at a rate comparable to his prime before being injured during Week 12 of the 2010 NFL season.

Had he continued at that pace ...

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