Susan T. Spencer Has Written a Powerful Article That Could Help Retired Raiders

Recently, I read a very well-written article on the lockout and the issues that relate to retired NFL players before 1993. I agree with Ms. Spencer's perspective, and I responded in the comment strand.  I wrote:

"I am inspired by your work and perspective on this issue. I also hope that if the legacy fund is established that some type of regulatory procedure is set up to make certain that the funds actually go to the former players and benefit the former players. Some of them have guardians and power of attorneys who have not been totally accountable to the use of the small funds that they have already been receiving. It is tragic that they have received so little over the years. It is tragic that no one seems to carefully oversee their condition so that they truly benefit, in total, from whatever they have received or will receive in the future."

I hope that some type of committee or group is established to investigate the current condition of some of the retired players who contributed to the NFL before 1993.

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In the past, many players did not have the business structure or support system needed for a well-managed career. In later life, the retired Oakland Raiders and others have suffered. Sometimes, their resources have been spent on things that are not in their possession. Sometimes their own relatives squander their funds in their senior years.

When the negotiations are completed, let's hope that some type of regulations are set in place to protect the flow of the funds into the lives of the retired players. Let's hope those funds truly lift the life standard of the retired Oakland Raiders and other NFL players, and that they are not mismanaged by their caretakers, lawyers or others.

Some people believe that the senior players are not respected for their contributions to the league. Others believe that some of them have folks in their social circle who are sapping the life ...

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