Should the Raiders Consider Moving Terrelle Pryor to a Different Position?

The Oakland Raiders enter the 2013 season without a proven quarterback. Matt Flynn—with two career starts on his resume—is the presumptive starter, and rookie Tyler Wilson is considered his biggest threat for the job, leaving third-year quarterback Terrelle Pryor stuck in between.

Realistically, if Pryor isn’t considered starting material by now, he never will be. Actions speak louder than words, and the offseason signing of Flynn and drafting of Wilson are a reflection on how Pryor is viewed within the organization, even if they won’t admit it publicly. However, it would be a shame to waste Pryor’s amazing athleticism because it can be used in so many ways.

The Raiders appear to be taking the path of least resistance by using Pryor only in certain situations. The Raiders have been dropping hints for quite some time that there will be a package of plays designed to highlight Pryor’s strengths (running and throwing deep on occasion).  

A souped-up version of Tim Tebow minus the media frenzy isn’t a bad thing to have around if you have a creative offensive coordinator and your offense lacks firepower. All signs suggest that Pryor still has a long ways to go as a passer, but a package of plays buys him time without completely wasting his abilities.

The other option would be to move Pryor to a new position to make better use of his talents. This is hardly an original idea, but it’s one the Raiders should consider before it is too late. With two years left on his rookie contract, now would be the time for Pryor to switch positions.

Any position switch is going to take a lot of work and come with a learning curve, even for a former quarterback. It’s going to take precious time neither the Raiders nor Pryor has to waste, so as decision would have to be made before training camp starts July 24.


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