Sebastian Janikowski’s Always Ready to Make a Difference for Raiders

The Oakland Raiders played their first preseason game Thursday night, and the first score was made by Sebastian Janikowski. When things get tough, Janikowski always steps up and delivers those field goals.

Some players need to get warmed up to perform on the playing field. Janikowski always seems to be ready to kick the football to get the fans to jump with joy.

The loss in the first game of the preseason can be forgiven because most of the young players need to get phased into the game plan. They need to adjust to the new players and dynamics.

In last night's game against the Arizona Cardinals, the Raiders managed just one touchdown, coming on an 18-yard pass-and-catch from backup quarter Trent Edwards to rookie tight end David Ausberry. However, there were four field goals, totaling 12 points. Meaning that about 67 percent of the points received in the Aug. 11 game were made by Janikowski, including a 57-yard field gold from the infield dirt.

He continues to demonstrate his value to the Oakland Raiders.

Of the Raiders fourteen wide receivers, only a few of them got into the action during the Aug. 11 game at the home Coliseum.

The difference between the two teams appearing to be the ability of the Cardinals reserves to function better in the last quarter of the game. Albeit, the Raiders starters looked good in limited time, scoring twice before the Cardinals grabbed their first few points.

Nevertheless, it's clear that Janikowski keeps the Raiders in the competition, but more touchdowns is what is needed in 2011.

Go Raiders! Get it together and "Just win, baby!"

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