Same Ol’ Raiders?

After Al Davis died, the iconic owner of the Oakland Raiders left the team to his wife and son. His son, Mark, took over the day-to-day operations of the team and wisely hired a general manager to handle the football side of things.

Dysfunctional for at least the past decade, the Raider Nation was promised a model franchise. General manager Reggie McKenzie was supposed to model the team after the Green Bay Packers, for whom he previously worked.

After two years, we are starting to see that things haven’t changed as much as the team would have you believe—at least not in several key areas. While it is clear some things have changed, plenty of dysfunction remains.

Some level of dysfunction can be tolerated by the fans and media, but the team has to be winning or at least headed in the right direction. Unfortunately for the Raiders, it’s hard to determine if the team is even on the right track.

The Raiders have won just eight games in the two full seasons since McKenzie and head coach Dennis Allen were hired.

There hasn’t been any clear improvement of the team by any of the standard measurements, and it’s tough to sell that the general manager and the head coach are both doing a good job when 10 new starters on defense don’t make much of a difference.

Regardless of how much money is spent, the expectation is always that the roster should be getting better.

The new offensive scheme supposedly built around the strengths of the personnel hasn’t made a huge difference, either. The Raiders have also failed to fully utilize one of their best weapons in fullback Marcel Reece.

The only improvement the Raider Nation can cling to remains in the future. The Raiders will have $60 million-plus in salary cap space in 2014, and the organization has basically promised that the team will get better despite very little proof that it actua...

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