Regrading the Oakland Raiders’ Past 5 Drafts

The NFL draft is a week away and it’s fitting we look back at the Oakland Raiders' mixed history of draft day successes and failures.

The draft is where teams either build or destroy their franchises—sometimes for the short-term and in other cases for the long-term. Recently, the Raiders have taken leaps toward rejuvenation, but some significant missteps at the beginning of the decade have slowed the progress during Reggie McKenzie’s tenure as general manager.

This assessment isn’t to blame all the Raiders' woes on the late Al Davis, who served as his own GM, but there’s a clear difference between the pre- and the post-Davis era in Oakland.

The last five drafts were graded based on the following criteria:

-Were early round selections immediate impact players?

-How well did the franchise draft in the mid-to-late rounds?

-What is the current role of all the prospects originally drafted by Raiders?

The table below shows a cumulative tally of the last 41 players drafted by Oakland in the past five years. 

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospects from 2010-14 Starters: 17 Reserves: 18 Inactives: 6 Subsequently, we’ll dive into each draft year and dissect the pitfalls and gems that help or hurt the franchise.

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