Re-Drafting the Oakland Raiders’ 2013 Draft

Sometimes it's fun to go back in time and assume the role of an NFL general manager.

In this particular case, the role we'll be playing is that of Oakland Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie.

Our goal? To re-pick the entire Raiders' 2013 NFL draft.

Last year's draft was a monumental one for McKenzie.

It was the first time that he had a host of picks to utilize, including one in the first round—the team's 2012 draft was missing a Round 1 selection thanks to the Carson Palmer trade.

We all know that it's unfair to call last year's draft a disaster, as it's still very early in the process.

But taking a look back at the entire draft board and seeing how things shook out, we are able to re-pick players only using guys who were selected after each of the Raiders' picks.

From the addition of a dominant defensive tackle to avoiding Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson like the plague, it's now time to use a mulligan and reassemble the entire Raiders' 2013 draft class.

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