Ranking the 2015 Impact of the Oakland Raiders’ Free-Agent Signings so Far

The Oakland Raiders have been one of the busiest teams in free agency with a total of 11 free-agent signings. Now that the bulk of the team's free-agent moves have been made, the question is: Which of these players will have the biggest impact?

The modus operandi for general manager Reggie McKenzie was clearly different this year. While in the previous years he opted for veterans (re: old guys) and anyone he could actually afford, he made this year's additions with an eye toward the future. No player on this list is older than 28 years old.

He also focused on the defense. The split is actually pretty even—six defensive players, five offensive players. But of the offensive players, only one is a guaranteed starter. Of the defensive players, on the other hand, McKenzie brought in three to start right away at positions where the Oakland defense was in desperate need of help.

Here's a look at the additions from this free-agency period. The players have been ranked according to how big of an impact they're likely to have for the Raiders in 2015.

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