Raiders vs. Chiefs: 5 Best Games of Their Storied Rivalry

Since the 1960s, the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs have had a bitter rivalry.

The bad blood between the two franchises had to have been the result of the late Chiefs' owner Lamarr Hunt brokering the AFL-NFL merger behind the late Raiders' owner Al Davis' back.

The rivalry has fizzled some since the '60s as the teams have rarely played for something big since that time. However, the blood remains bad as the rivalry has produced plenty of fights and just plain good football games.

As slim as the Raiders' playoff hopes are, they're still playing for something, and it will be against the Chiefs Saturday. This gives me a feeling that Saturday's game may be one of those classics to add to the drama between the two franchises.

Turn the page for a look at some of the best games in this storied rivalry.

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