Raiders vs. Cardinals: Breaking Down Oakland’s 31-27 Loss

The Oakland Raiders are entering a new era of football under the leadership of Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen. That new era means departing from the ways of Al Davis, and the assumption is that it will take a few years for McKenzie and Allen to get the Raiders on the right track.

While the Raiders lost their second preseason game, they actually proved they will be just as competitive as last year's team which came within a win of making the playoffs. The defense looks rejuvenated and the offense looks like it can be explosive with a little tweaking.

Gone are offensive-minded head coaches that call plays, the man-to-man defense and defensive coordinators that must bend to the will of the team's owner and the organizational paranoia.

In their place is a young, defensive-minded head coach with an offensive and defensive coordinator that call their own plays, a modern defensive scheme and a friendly approach to the outside world.

If what we have seen from the defense in Oakland is vanilla for preseason, there will be some very exotic wrinkles to the 2012 defense. 

The offense looks different too. For the first time in a long time, the head coach is merely an adviser to his offensive coordinator.

There were more plays that could be dissected than I have space, so I've selected the most interesting and characteristic plays from the game that might provide insight into what kind of team the Raiders will be in 2012.


Darren McFadden

Offensive Personnel: 2 WR, 2 TE, 1 RB

Defensive Personnel: 3-4

Play: This is an outside run off the left tackle.

Left guard Mike Brisiel pulls and kicks out Sam Acho (94). The tight end David Ausberry blocks the first linebacker and gives McFadden a small running lane.

Once McFadden (20) is through the hole, he's going to see a lot of open sp...

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