Raiders vs. Browns Quarterback Data: Is It Too Close for Comfort?

We admit that the game between the Oakland Raiders and the Cleveland Browns may be spiced with emotions, although the Oakland Raiders must stay level-headed to do their job well.

During the game scheduled for Oct. 16, the Raiders will play their first home game since the death of Mr. Al Davis. A moment of silence and a half-time ceremony will be done in Davis' honor, according to an interview with CEO Amy Trask. The interview can be heard at

Comparing the quarterbacks for the Raiders and the Browns yielded some interesting information. Their data is not too far apart. In fact, a curve showing key factors in their data show a lot of overlap.

Jason Campbell has 94 pass completions to date, while Colt McCoy has 100. Both quarterbacks have six touchdown passes. Neither quarterback has two-point conversions, to date.

McCoy has played four games and has had six sacks. Campbell has five sacks in five games.

The rushing average for Campbell is 2.8 and McCoy's is slightly higher at 2.9.

When you look at this table, you realize that the game on Oct. 16 may be a so-called "close encounter."

Campbell McCoy games 5 4 pass att 156 172 pass comp 94 100 comp% 60.3 58.1 y/a 7.2 5.7 TD passes 6 6 Intercept 4 3 comp 1st d 53 52 Times sacked 5 6 2ptconv 0 0 passer rating 84.3 78.7 carries 16 12 rushing avg 2.8 2.9 longest run 17 9 Rush TD 2 0 Total TDs 2 0 Total pts 12 0

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