Raiders: Some Folks Huff, Puff and Try to Tear Down Al Davis—You Better Think!

Pep Talk—Show Love and Respect

Let's just say that I want the Oakland Raiders to rise up, again, in the NFL because too many people think that they have the power of expression and media to huff, puff and blow the house down.

So many articles are written that are critical of Al Davis. Someone even said that he was 90 years old. He was born in 1929 and if you do the arithmetic, he is not there yet. I know a number of people who are octogenarians and who are as sharp as a tack.

Some folks ridicule his looks. That’s not acceptable.

Think about it. Either we grow old, or we die. It’s simple. Which do you prefer?

Once I saw an elderly lady who was a powerful school teacher in her youth, sitting in a chair with tears rolling down her face. I wondered, “Why the tears?”

Now as I mature, I realize that the elderly lady, who was once powerful, is now dependent on people who may not really care about her. No doubt she hears their mumbling and complaining about helping her go to and fro.

Perhaps there is a tear because she did so much to establish the foundation on which they stand as they accomplish their goals in 2011.

Al Davis has made a great contribution to America. He has made outstanding contributions to the NFL. 

He is still able to express himself.

He deserves respect, especially from those who are members of the Raider Nation.

He’s reportedly a tough senior, and maybe he is shaking up the franchise to perturb and disturb this generation of fans, some of whom are ungrateful and mean-spirited.

Does he, too, have a tear rolling down his face as he reads, hears and watches the younger generation?

As Davis reads the huffs and puffs that are intended to blow his house down, there may be tears of joy that at least he reached most of his goals, if not all of them.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders