Raiders’ 2013 Salary Situation: Breaking Down Oakland’s Current Cap Status

The Oakland Raiders haven’t had much cap space for several years, but the problem was compounded when the team traded for Carson Palmer in 2011. Not only did Palmer cost the Raiders a lot of money against the salary cap, but the Raiders traded away picks that would have turned into bargain free agents.

Reggie McKenzie really had no choice but to purge the roster of some deadweight in 2012 and that continued in 2013 with the release of Michael Huff and Darrius Heyward-Bey. The Raiders added $14.8 million in dead money with the releases and saved just over $6 million of cap space according to

The Raiders now have $32.9 million worth of dead money in 2013, which is 26.7 percent of the total salary cap. This is money that counts against the salary cap for one year, even though the player is not on the team. It’s money that typically has already been paid to the players in the form of signing bonuses.

According to, the Raiders have $77.8 million committed to players who are currently on the roster. The salary cap of $123 million plus the $4.5 million the Raiders rolled over from 2012 is the total amount the Raiders can spend in 2013, or $127.5 million.

Take this $127.5 million subtract the $32.9 in dead money and the $77.8 million in player contracts to arrive at the total cap space before any signings ($16.8 million in cap space before the re-signing of Phillip Adams).

Approximate Current Cap Space: $9.7 million*

*Actual 2013 cap space will be updated when available

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