Oakland Raiders Will Rock the Jets World as Told by NFL MIKEE SEPT 25TH

The Raiders are an enigma.

The black and white. The skull and crossbones. Al Davis!  Come to our house and fear us. Championship banners and Super Bowl rings.

Oh! The Jets have a stray Super Bowl, not because of Broadway Joe, but because of a defense that played out of their minds one vaunted Sunday long ago.

Now the Jets are hot. Good defense—actually a great defense that can stop teams from throwing deep on occasion. But stop the run? This remains to be seen as the competition so far has been spotty at best.

The Raider defense will shut Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez down and rattle his cage this week in Oakland. The Jets will be so wiped out come the fourth quarter, it will have you thinking, Super Bowl. huh? How did that ever happen?

Let's just go with Green Bay and San Diego or New England, and possibly Baltimore or Houston? Houston's a long shot but if they can pull off a victory this week in New Orleans then we reconsider that position.

I mean the Jets are not a Super Bowl Team yet, and Mark Sanchez still has glaring weakness's and the running back position is sketchy will an aging LT and the unproven second year sludgefest from the cornfield area who is easy to contain.

Let's open us the offense this week and blow the Jets happy little ship back to New Jersey this weekend.

I declare this game hidden super sleeper pick of the week. NFL Mikee has spoken!!!

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