Oakland Raiders Will Move Forward in the Midst of NFL Stalemate in Lockout

A few days ago I said that I would visit the location in Washington, DC where the NFL was holding its negotiations.

I entered the building at 2100 K Street and was greeted by a security guard. I asked the gentleman about the NFL negotiations that were held in the building. He said that they could not come to an agreement and that they were not at this location.

I asked if I could take pictures in the lobby and he said "no" because it was a federal building.

I asked if I could take pictures outside of the building and he said that he does not have anything to do with that.

So, I walked out of the door and stood back far enough to see the beauty and address of the building and took a picture.

No one knows the outcome of the NFL negotiations, yet I wanted to document that I visited the location. History is being made and I wanted to get as close to it as possible.

I don't know about you, but I am expecting a dynamic 2011 season for the Oakland Raiders in spite of the fact that there may be issues that cause the season to start late.

After I left the location, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I was able to arrange my schedule, leave Arlington, Virginia and take a taxi to the place that is going to set the tone for the future for many young men in the NFL.

In celebration of the good that I expect to come out of the NFL lockout, and in honor of the senior players who have contributed so much to build the foundation of the NFL, I sipped a light red wine not unlike the diplomats from Ghana and Nigeria that I knew would have done in the 60s.

Those diplomats in the past shared with me that they honor the elders by pouring libation, so I symbolically honored the senior players of the NFL by visiting the location of the NFL negotiations and meditated to give honor to those elders who have helped to make NFL football what it is today.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders