Oakland Raiders Will Lose AFC West Without Coaching Adjustments

Sunday's shellacking by the Miami Dolphins highlighted Oakland’s coaching staff deficiencies.

I noticed that both QBs have consistently under thrown Ford. This is not an ability, as much as a timing issue. Without practicing together, they can't get on the same page. Bruce threw a go to Higgins on Sunday, but Higgins sat down in the zone gap. Had Bruce been throwing to Murphy, he wouldn't have stopped. Higgins did the RIGHT THING in that situation, but Bruce threw to where he expected the receiver to go.

This reveals a lack of familiarity between the players. I like Bruce and honestly believe he can lead this team to success. But those skills must be built from Monday and Wednesday-Saturday during practice.

That being said, Campbell could probably do just as well if he were truly given the opportunity. Game day is a reflection of the week's practice and development throughout the year. Neither QB has had the opportunity to develop into this offense.

I have a feeling Al will be trying to sign Vince Young this offseason. If he does, I hope the coaching staff gives him the opportunity to develop his timing and trust with the O-Line, WRs, TEs and RBs. If not, we will see the same sporadic production we have seen this season.

Tom's biggest problems show themselves in who he leaves active and who he deactivates. Tired of not getting a TD from the punt returner, Tom deactivated Nick Miller and gave Higgins his old job back.

How long will this last? Your guess is as good as mine.

This week we knew Johnson couldn't play and hoped Asomugha could go. Tom decided Ware played poorly against Pittsburgh (Really? Ware has looked like a veteran most of the season with only isolated rookie lapses) and deactivated him. This placed McFadden at nickelback. McFadden has been injured most of the season, and his development was severely hindered because of it.

This was a game to deactiva...

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