Oakland Raiders: Why the Coaching Changes Will Send Them To the Playoffs

The Oakland Raiders coaching staff will look very different in 2011. The transformation started last year when the Raiders brought in Hue Jackson to run the offense and Mike Waufle to coach the defensive line.

Those moves paid off quickly, as the Raiders had one of the better offenses in the league and second-best rushing attack in the NFL. The defensive line was also one of the best in the league and led the league in sacks.

When Tom Cable was let go, Jackson was promoted to head coach, and that's when everything changed for Oakland. That one move made the Raiders an immediate playoff contender in 2011, but they didn't stop there, as more coaches were brought in to make the Raiders better.

Al Saunders was hired as the offensive coordinator, Greg Beikert as the linebackers coach, Steve Wisniewski and Bob Wylie will coach the offensive line. Rod Woodson will coach the defensive backs and Chuck Bresnahan was brought back as a defensive assistant.

All these coaches will help make the players better, but more importantly, it appears that they will be bringing in new schemes that the Raiders haven't seen in a long time, especially on defense.

“I think we’re going to do some things this year on the defensive side,” Woodson said according to Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune. “Some more looks, some more things for the corners to make plays, to face the football hopefully a little bit more so they can [make] interceptions and be playmakers.”

Those words from Woodson should be music to Raider Nation's ears. Not only will that help the defense make more plays against the passing game, it will also help them stop the run. If your back is to the ball on defense, it is tough to make a tackle and that is why the Raiders defense gives up so many big run plays.

Charles Woodson was a great player in Oakland's scheme, but when he went to Green Bay, he became an a...

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