Oakland Raiders Who Should Restructure Their Contracts

As of right now the Raiders have lost three starters from last season.  Nnamdi Asomugha, Zach Miller and Robert Gallery all signed with other teams because the Raiders didn't have the cap room to get them the deal they were looking for.  

Before the lockout the Raiders locked up a few players with some huge salaries.  Even before the lockout during the last few offseasons the Raiders have been re-signing guys to deals that would eventually put them in the situation they are in right now.

Here are a few guys that should be willing to restructure their deals so that the Raiders can start making some moves to help the team this year.

Richard Seymour 2yrs/$30 million, 2011 Salary: $15 million 

He plays a huge role on the team.  He is a force on the defensive line and a leader.  He played a big part in the Raiders' return to respectability last season.  His salary for this season is rather high though.  The Raiders should try to give him a longer deal that will pay him less in 2011.

Stanford Rout 3 yrs/$31 million, 2011 Salary: $10 million

In my opinion the Raiders jumped the gun on this one and overpaid.  Rout stated yesterday that he is willing to restructure his contract so the Raiders need to get on it.  Ten million a year for Rout is a little too much.  I think he would have signed for five per season.  Oh well.

Darren McFadden 6yrs/$60 million, 2011 Salary: $7 million

OK now here is a player that is worth every dollar.  However his performance wasn't on par with his pay over his first two seasons.  McFadden should be willing to take a little less and help the Raiders get better this year.  

Sebastian Janikowski 4rs/$16 million, 2011 Salary: $2.6 million

Seabass should be willing to do something.  At least save a few dollars.  His deal guarantees him at least $9 million, whi...

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