Oakland Raiders: Who Is Most Likely To Get the Franchise Tag in Oakland?

The Raiders are facing a lot of big decisions this off season with free agents. Nobody really knows what is going to happen with the new CBA or when a new deal is going to be done. 

The league announced that starting Feb. 10th teams can start tagging their free agents. The Raiders have a lot of players they could use the franchise tag on.

Nnamdi Asomugha, who is their biggest free agent, is the only player the Raiders cannot place the franchise tag on. That doesn't mean he will leave the Raiders, but it does mean he'll have the option to look at other teams.

There are a lot of other key players the Raiders could use the franchise tag on. Let's take a look at five and their chances of receiving the franchise tag. You may be surprised who we think is most likely to receive the tag.

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