Oakland Raiders: What Will Hue Jackson and Al Davis Do in the 2011 Draft?

Hue Jackson is now the head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

He got the opportunity from Al Davis after wowing him with the improvements he made with the Raider offense. The man took the offense from No. 31 in yards and scoring to No. 10 in yards and No. 6 in scoring.

So how did Jackson do such a thing?

He gave the Raiders an identity on offense.

That identity consisted of the power running game and the vertical passing game off play action behind it. This philosophy is what Davis believes in and led the Raider offense in the sixth best point total in Raider history.

No wonder why he was promoted.

Jackson now needs to load up on a few more tools to go even further with his philosophy this off season. The Raiders must obviously sign some of their own key free agents but some pieces must be added to them.

Turn the page to see what he and Davis will be looking to add in the draft. 

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