Oakland Raiders: What We’ve Learned Through Week 4 of Preseason

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Oakland Raiders leading up to the preseason finale, and it’s not all positive.

A slew of events transpired over the past week—from roster cuts to injuries, from meaningless name-calling to an unofficial declaration of a new star.

It sounds exciting, but wait until you hear the noteworthy storylines behind each bullet point.

Head coach Jack Del Rio stands above the chatter to prepare the team for the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, as he should. However, his press conference with the local media on Tuesday ended with some cryptic words about a fan favorite, which led to more speculation.

The media is often accused of digging for stories, but there’s a lot of writing on the wall that we can all read.

We’ll sift through some interesting narratives unfolding in the background of the Raiders’ Week 4 matchup against the Seahawks.

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