Oakland Raiders: What Do Old-Timers and Former Raiders Do During the Lockout?

Well, no one knows when the NFL lockout will end. In the meantime, what do you do?

Some of us are researching the outstanding college guys who just might fit well with the Oakland Raiders.

Others are looking at basketball and keeping themselves occupied so that they do not get uncomfortable with the possibility of delays in the start of the NFL season.

Others are writing articles, speculating and forecasting who will be the best choice as an addition to the Oakland Raiders. Of course, we all know Al Davis has the last word.

Still, others are depressed, but they realize that the NFL lockout is a necessary step toward equity and equality in benefits and pay for the players.

Some folks are reading all of the articles related to the lockout so that they can keep up with the stages of negotiation between NFL owners and others.

In my case, I sometimes check on old-timers and interview them to see how they are handling the situation. After all, most of the old-timers never did see the large sums of money that these young people are getting for playing in the NFL.

Now, pray tell, what are you doing?


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