Oakland Raiders Weekly Progress Report: Where They Stand Headed into Week 11

The Oakland Raiders are 3-6 and in third place in the AFC West. Any hopes that the Raiders could make the playoffs in 2012 have now faded, and the focus has shifted to sizing up the roster and coaching staff for year two of the rebuild process.

In Week 11, the Raiders get to play in front of the home crowd where they have played much better this season. Unfortunately, Drew Brees is coming to town and is expected to have his way with Oakland’s beleaguered secondary.

The realistic expectation coming into the season was that this team would need some injury luck on defense to even have a shot at the playoffs. One injury-riddled secondary and zone-blocking system later, and the fanbase is just hoping to see some life from a team that has shown it on so few occasions in 2012.


Primary Talk Point for Week 11

Make no mistake about it, Oakland’s offense will go as the passing game takes it. The transition actually has roots in 2011, when Hue Jackson was oft criticized by fans for throwing too much in what had been to that point a run-first offense.

With Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson out with high-ankle sprains, the Raiders no longer have much reason to keep up the charade. The running game is not good, and this offense will only go as far as Carson Palmer’s arm will take them.

Palmer will have the opportunity to showcase his arm against a New Orleans Saints team that is allowing an amazing 469.3 yards per game, including 307.3 yards per game through the air. Brees will have his way with Oakland’s secondary, but Palmer will have his way with New Orleans’ secondary as well.

Aside from 10 touchdowns and 15 pass yards per game, both Brees and Palmer have eerily similar stats. Both have completed 230 passes this season, and both have thrown nine interceptions. Brees has been sacked 16 times to Palmer’s 17 times. Brees also has a ...

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