Oakland Raiders Week 7: Pressures, Hurries and Knockdowns

So a few minor things have happened since I last wrote an article two weeks ago today.

Minor things like the man, the myth, the legend, THE Oakland Raider, Al Davis, passing away. For those of us who thought of Al as some clandestine Blackbeard, forever immortal and pulling strings behind the scenes, it was tough to believe.

For those of us who, during our time in Raider Nation, had issues with Al but always loved and respected him, and saw him for the brilliant man and leader he was, it was difficult to accept.

For the media, peers, colleagues and football people who suddenly forgot anything negative about Al Davis and sung his praises, it was time to repent.

Though Davis had become a caricature of himself in some media circles, the response to his death was respectful, full of praise and empty of vitriol. As it should have been.

Despite recent failings and a caustic nature with the press that caused them to vilify Davis any chance they got, his successes and body of work speaks for itself, and could not be touched. Nor was it. Tribute after tribute from press member after press member sang one solid refrain: Davis was tough to deal with, but good at everything he did, and he did it his own way without any apologies. That is a legacy to be proud of.

Then, Jason Campbell went and injured himself. Kyle Boller came in and immediately showed that the Raiders were in trouble if he was their QB going forward. The Raiders panicked, and sent two high draft picks to the Cincinnati Bengals for Carson Palmer.

You know, a couple of minor details.

Was the Palmer trade a good idea? Can he contribute right away? What does this mean for Jason Campbell? Can the Raiders continue to dominate the AFC West? Who's under pressure to perform? What have we learned about the Raiders recently?

Turn over to find out.

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