Oakland Raiders’ Weakest Position Heading into Training Camp

It’s a disservice to the Oakland Raiders fanbase to portray the roster as one filled with nothing but All-Pro players and Pro Bowlers. Let’s not pretend every position stands as strong as the next.

Often we don’t question general managers, head coaches and coordinators because we automatically assume they know what they’re doing, and they do. However, they’re not above making poor personnel decisions.

General managers, coaches and coordinators are fired every year. Why? Their decision-making didn’t yield optimal results.

The mishandling of the right guard position isn’t a fireable offense, but the talent at the position lags far behind that of every other position on the roster. The Raiders entered the offseason with three glaring weaknesses: wide receiver, pass-rusher and right guard:

In disappointing fashion, right guard remains a major concern for Oakland.

Yes, optimists will say, “Let’s wait and see.” Instead we’ll take a proactive approach in critiquing one of the major blunders of the Raiders' 2015 offseason. We’ll dig into the stockpiled talent or lack thereof at right guard.


J’Marcus Webb

According to ESPN’s Bill Williamson, J’Marcus Webb leads the competition at right guard two months after arriving in Oakland. By the way, he didn’t play a single snap last season and only took 108 snaps in 2013.

Furthermore, he has never taken a snap at the guard position in his five-year career.

That doesn’t suggest that Webb arrived and blew out the competition. It’s a sign of the lack of competition at the position. He leads all potential starters after a year of inactivity and lack of experience following merely two months of practice without pads. That should raise some eyebrows.


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