Oakland Raiders: Was It Al Davis’ Fault for Picking JaMarcus Russell?

With the NFL Draft rolling in, talks of the recent Oakland Raider draft busts are catching fire.

It seems that every week, an article is featured on Oakland's homepage exploring the reaches and failures that seemingly follow the Raiders year in and year out.

Obviously, the most-talked about selection is JaMarcus Russell. Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past four years, Russell was the highly touted quarterback from LSU who entered the 2007 NFL Draft.

Enamored with his size, arm strength and sheer physical ability, the Raiders decided to use their number one overall pick on him.

Mr. Russell is currently unemployed and his reported weight is upwards of 270 pounds.

NFL "experts" and fans alike constantly point out how the Raiders' pick was all Al Davis, and completely uncalled for.

But what really happened?

I watched an ESPN video of the draft. Once the selection was made, Mel Kiper said something like:

"Sure, the Raiders could have taken Calvin Johnson here. But JaMarcus will bring an energy to the Raiders offense like no other and two or three years down the road, we'll be talking about him as a top-five quarterback."

I find that interesting, comical, and almost ironic as Kiper is consistently taking shots at the Raiders for the Russell failure.

Kiper also went on to compare JaMarcus to John Elway. THE John Elway. Tell me, Raider Nation, if you were Al Davis, would you pass on a 6'6", 255 pound John Elway? I didn't think so.

My point is that the Raiders are not at fault for selecting Russell. He was the can't miss prospect of the draft that year, a sure-fire pro-bowler.

Just saying.

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