Oakland Raiders vs. St. Louis Rams: Full Report Card Grades for Oakland

Bad. Ugly. Pathetic. Embarrassing. Pick any negative term you want to describe the performance of the Oakland Raiders Sunday, and you'll be right. There's really no other way to describe how they played in a 52-0 loss to the St. Louis Rams.

A team almost has to try to play this poorly for four quarters. There isn't a single thing in this game that went well for Oakland.

There's not one positive. 

The Raiders were coming off the high of finally getting their first win of the season. With that performance to build on, plus extra days to prepare, this looked like a winnable game. And it should have been.

Instead, Oakland turned in one of the worst performances in its history. Aside from Marquette King and Justin Tuck, not one player on the Raiders roster has anything to take away from this game.

Here are the grades for each position group. And brace yourself. Much like Oakland's performance, these grades aren't pretty. But unlike Sunday's game, at least these grades come with a warning.

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