Oakland Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Raiders Offense Down Right Offensive!

No fire, no passion and no offense sums up the Oakland Raiders 35-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I must say, as a Raider fan for nearly 38 years, I was disgusted with the way the offense, (the offensive line in particular) performed in this critically important game.

The play calling was horrible, the effort from the offensive line was pathetic and the overall performance of the offense was worse than it has been since the "49ers debacle."

This loss for the Raiders wouldn't have been so bad if the Raider offense actually looked like an NFL team, but they didn't. They looked like a collection of guys off the street that didn't care about each other, the team or the fans.

On the bright side, the defense played fairly well, but got no help whatsoever from the offense. The first drive of the game as the exception, the defensive players had no time to rest or hydrate after forcing several three-and-outs.

The ejection of Richard Seymour seemed to fire up the Raider defense, only to be let down by the offense—again!

I am supposed to be writing about the positive aspects of the Raiders' performance, but I wouldn't know what to put on the other eight slides.

Therefore, I'll cover what positives there were and finish out the article with what went wrong. There will be no "sugar-coating" of my critique...

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