Oakland Raiders vs. Indianapolis Colts Full Report Card Grades for Oakland

This particular Oakland Raiders' win didn’t feel like a victory. Offensive lineman Donald Penn spoke to the local media after his team secured a 12-3 record, per the team's official website. He needed to restrain his outburst for giving up the one sack that knocked quarterback Derek Carr out of the game.

Penn took the injury personally, but he’s not to blame—no one deserves the blame for something that could happen on any random down. Injuries come along with a physical game filled with collisions. 

With approximately 11 minutes left and up 33-14, the Raiders lined up at their own 48-yard line and tried to put the finishing touches on a complete game. Keep in mind, the Indianapolis Colts scored on the previous drive and looked primed to take one more swing at a comeback. An offensive holding call pushed the Raiders back to 2nd-and-18, which led to the pass play.

Obviously, the coaching staff didn’t think the next down would be Carr’s last for the season, but that’s what happened. Hindsight vision will always be perfect because we know the outcome.

However, the Raiders stayed true to the formula that made them a playoff team. They went with the aggressive route. Up until Carr’s unfortunate injury, it worked.

Now, what?

Do the Raiders look up and watch the sky fall? Or do they fully prepare quarterback Matt McGloin, continue to play solid defense and pound the ball with a three-man ground attack that ranks top five in the league? Head coach Jack Del Rio will ensure this roster chooses the latter.

The Raiders’ 33-25 win seems so insignificant to Carr’s broken fibula. Nonetheless, Oakland has already punched its playoff ticket. There’s no reason for the players to hang their heads at this juncture. It’s not an ideal situation, but resilient football teams find a way.

McGloin will walk in to the huddle with...

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