Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos: Full Report Card Grades for Oakland

At best, the Oakland Raiders were a long shot to win this game. Still, after playing well over the past five games and coming up with three wins in that stretch, the team looked to be moving in the right direction. Even if they lost to the Denver Broncos, they could've put up a fight. But they didn't en route to a 47-14 loss.

Early on, the familiar signs were there for what type of game this would be. The offense couldn't move the ball and was able to produce only one first down the entire second half. Even when the score was close, it never looked like the offense could produce a winning effort.

This trickled down to the defense, which was able to get some stops and somewhat keep the game within reach. But it was never really in doubt. It was a slow, painful, frustrating downward spiral that saw the Raiders fall further and further behind, ultimately leading to an embarrassing 33-point defeat.

Players could've played like a team fighting for pride and roster spots. The coaches could've coached as if their jobs depended on it. Instead, the entire team from top to bottom performed like a group that just wanted the season to be over. The grades reflect that effort.

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