Oakland Raiders vs. Chicago Bears: What’s the Game Plan for Oakland?

There’s no doubt Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s status changes the complexion of the Oakland Raiders’ Week 4 matchup, but it doesn’t change the game plan on the defensive side of the ball.

Cutler made a statement that suggests the possibility of sitting out or the potential of a hamstring injury affecting his play mentally on the field, as reported by Chicago Sun-Times writer Patrick Finley:

If you do come back on a hamstring earlier than you want to, it’s definitely going to be in the back of your mind because there’s that slight pull. It’s an instinctual game out there. You’re doing things on the run without thinking. To have to worry about a hamstring and moving around is something that can weigh on you.

Those aren’t encouraging words from Cutler, and even if he plays, there will be limitations as to his elusiveness in the pocket. A defensive game plan for Cutler would become twice as effective against either of the two backup quarterbacks with the offense missing some key components.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Bears have ruled out starting offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod, and they expect wide receiver Alshon Jeffery to sit out another game, per ESPN’s Jeff Dickerson:


Pressure the Quarterback’s Blind Side

Whoever matches up against backup tackle Charles Leno Jr. could have a field day on Sunday.

In Week 3, Oakland rotated a few linebackers at the position. In addition to Khalil Mack and Aldon Smith, Neiron Ball registered a sack from the blind side late in the game to stagger the Cleveland Browns’ final offensive drive.

That trend should continue against the second-year offensive lineman filling in for Bushrod.

Cutler won’t have the legs to escape constant pressure, and the other two signal-callers may not have the field awareness...

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