Oakland Raiders Victory over Chargers Makes Carson Palmer a Winning Quarterback

Some folks thought that the Oakland Raiders gave up too much for Carson Palmer. Well, if you saw the game on Thursday night, Nov. 10, you just might change your mind.

Palmer gave an outstanding performance. He looked strong and confident. The O-line gave him good protection.

He was able to throw some of those deep, long passes that the Raiders were known for back in the day.

Palmer's precision was above average. What's more, players like Denarius Moore received and held on to those passes. The best is yet to come for the Oakland Raiders.

The widely viewed game on Thursday Night Football preceded Veteran's Day. Another great thing is that promotions for the documentary produced by the NFL on the life of Al Davis was announced over and over again. It was befitting to honor Al Davis on Veteran's day.

Davis had respect for many of the principles in the military and adapted some of them to professional football.

Before the game, four commentators placed their vote on who would win. Three out of four of them voted on San Diego. They were wrong, and Oakland proved they were wise in acquiring the Heisman Trophy winner, Carson Palmer.

Palmer is a fast learner, and his accuracy, quickness and smart-thinking helped to lead the Oakland Raiders to a victory. At this time, Oakland is at the top of the tier in the AFC West.

Go Raiders!

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