Oakland Raiders’ Training Camp 2011: News and Notes

Seems Like Old Times

Napa, California.

As I stood on the sideline watching the Oakland Raiders practice, I had a strange wave of deja vu roll over me.

I saw guys like Mike Waufle, Chuck Bresnahan and Rod Woodson, and ex-Oakland Raiders Linebacker Greg Biekert was around somewhere.

Al Davis has decided to surround himself with familiar faces for the 2011 season.

Bresnahan was brought back to take over at defensive coordinator. This will be Bresnhan’s second time running the defense, and he made it clear that losing the Super Bowl with the Raiders has made him hungrier than ever for that elusive ring.

Bresnahan on his return to the Raiders: "What better place to come back to than the place that you kind of let one slip away in 2002 and come back and shoot for another opportunity, to do it right and win one for this organization and our owner?”

Defensive line coach Mike Waufle was also on that Raiders team that lost the Super Bowl in 2002.

Waufle is in the second year of his new tenure as a Raider, and coach Bresnahan is very happy to be reunited with the fiery coach.  “Mike Waufle is the best defensive line coach in the league,” said Bresnahan.



Head Coach Hue Jackson: Cool and Calm, But Ready to Get Things Started!

As the Oakland Raiders’ head coach strolled to the podium, he seemed relaxed and even messed around with one of the reporters. "That’s a nice shirt. Can I borrow it?” Jackson joked.

After that little moment of levity, Hue was all about business.  The new coach seemed happy with the way things went as the Raiders head towards their first game under his leadership.

“I loved the spirit of practice,” said Jackson. ”A very good practice, a business-like practice.”...

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