Oakland Raiders’ Top Free-Agency Targets at Wide Receiver

The Oakland Raiders are heading into yet another offseason with more questions than answers. After a 3-13 season, the team is in the process of completely rebuilding its coaching staff. That's a big step in the right direction, but it won't mean much if the new coaches don't have the personnel on the field to turn things around.

Last offseason, Oakland had more than $60 million to spend, but what the front office did with these funds was unimpressive to say the least. Rather than bring in real difference-makers, Reggie McKenzie instead opted to try to fill as many roster spots as possible with veterans who were clearly past their prime. The hope was to get high production at a discounted price.

This paid off in some circumstances—Donald Penn, Charles Woodson—but the approach was a failure overall. 

This upcoming offseason, the Raiders will once again have plenty of money to spend. According to ESPN.com's Bill Williamson, the Raiders should have at least $47 million. This time around, McKenzie has to spend to win.

Oakland has plenty of areas that need improvement, but part of that money has to go toward adding a proven playmaker at wide receiver. The team is set at quarterback with Derek Carr. Now, it's a matter of getting him some real weapons.

Here's a list of Oakland's top targets at the position.

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