Oakland Raiders: Time Is of the Essence in a Coach’s Career Under Al Davis

Have you ever read the words in the contract of an Oakland Raiders coach? Probably not. Neither have I.

One thing that may be in the legal document could just be the basis of the reason the coaches get released or their contract expires. Might the concept "time is of the essence" be in those contracts?

When the phrase "time is of the essence" is used it means that no matter what outstanding accomplishments may be attained if, in fact, the main goals of the contract are not achieved, then the performance is still not good enough to maintain the coaching position.

This means, in my mind, that a coach needs to make certain that he accomplishes whatever he promises to accomplish in the designated time frame. Progress may be reported and milestones may be achieved. Unless, however, the coach takes the Oakland Raiders to a championship, playoffs or Super Bowl, he falls short of the requirements of his contract.

Did this happen to Tom Cable? Did Cable promise to get the team to the playoffs and failed to do so in the time frame of his contract? Probably so.

Yes, progress was made. Yes, the team moved from a 5-11 to an 8-8 win-loss record. Yes, there were phenomenal wins in 2010.

In the mind of Al Davis, however, Tom Cable and others who were moved on did not have the integrity to state their goal and meet their goal in a specified time frame.

Are those type of decisions tough? Hell yes! In a fiercely competitive environment like the NFL, those decisions are justified.

Hue Jackson has probably promised to achieve certain goals as head coach. It's on him to reach those goals with the Oakland Raiders. If Jackson has stated some goals and he fails to reach those goals in a time specified to Al Davis, then the roller coaster cranks up again to take the Raider Nation for a spin.

Time is of the essence in the Oakland Raiders' franchise. The owner is very...

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