Oakland Raiders Tied Down by Missed Rough Target: Lockout Still Locked

Unless there will be breaking news today, one prediction that the lockout would end on the 4th of July weekend is a missed target. This means more financial losses for the fantasy football publishers and others who make money on preseason football activities.

There is a good chance Coach Hue Jackson feels tied down since he cannot contact the Oakland Raiders for official preseason practice. What a way to start the head coaching career in 2011. Things need to get settled quickly so the coach can get the Oakland Raiders fired up for the regular season.

The issue of how to split more than $9 billion is not an easy matter to resolve. Other entities are suffering and fantasy football is one of the activities that is losing millions of dollars.

I often look for the magazines on the racks in grocery stores and bookstores to see what fantasy teams are being put together. Maybe I am going to the wrong stores, but I don't see as many articles this year as I did last year.

On one site called Sports Wire Uncensored, embedded in Facebook,  there is a lot of ranting and begging for the lockout to end. The situation is getting to be uncomfortable for a number of fans.

If this lockout were in the 60s, by now folks would be protesting, burning candles, flags, marching and chanting: End the lockout and resolve the issues!

We don't want this lockout to put out the fire and renewed bully attitude the Oakland Raiders' coach wants to inspire in the players.

Al Davis wants a winning team in 2011. It looks like his birthday wish today could be, "Let the Oakland Raiders play football." Davis is 82 years old today, and he has certainly helped a lot of folks attain their dreams in America.

At this time with the ongoing lockout, dreams are being deferred. Davis's dream of another Super Bowl win is being tampered with if the lockout continues for too long.

A 2011 season which ...

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