One Raider fan made reference to Jesus Christ in the comment strand. He did it, I suppose, because he wanted help to continue believing that the Oakland Raiders have a passion to win. I saw it as his battle cry!

Today is a very special day in the Raider Nation. The substance of things hoped for is defined as "faith."

The evidence of things not seen is the fact that the Oakland Raiders have not seen consecutive wins during the regular season, and today could be the beginning of attempting to get those consecutive string of wins.

We have a battle cry for victory and we do not want to bear the sound of defeat on Sept 19, 2010.

Many folks are making a sound for the Oakland Raiders. No doubt the sound is the sound of an Apache Indian before going to battle.

It could be the sound of a brother or sister, cursing and damning the opponent. It could be the sound of a frustrated man or woman on the streets, struggling against traffic or experiencing "road rage."

What will be the battle cry of the Oakland Raiders today? What is the sound of aggression and intimidation of the opponent. What is the sound that stirs the Oakland Raiders passion and aggression for victory against the St. Louis Rams?

It could be the cry of a baby that stirs emotions. It could be the sound of a woman who a man cares for and he becomes aggressive to protect and defend her.


Whatever situation stirs that sound, it is a sound of action, execution and power.

Here are historical examples in serious settings.

U.S. Marines also shout "Oo-rah" — although the derivation is different — U.S. Army shouts "Hooah!" United States Navy use "Hoo-YAH!" for motivation in training.The U.S. Army's 101st Air Assault Division has used "Geronimo!" as its battle cry since its origins as the First World War 101st Infantry Division, though during its parachute drops on D-Day, t...

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