Oakland Raiders Soon To Cross Into San Francisco and Battle For Best

The clock is ticking for the San Francisco 49ers. Coach Mike Singletary and the 49ers players are trying to figure out why they can't win a game. Will they be 0-6 after Sunday's game against the upcoming, hard-hitting, ball-snatching, body-slamming Oakland Raiders?

The Oakland Raiders have changed quite a bit. In fact, opening home game the team was finally able to take home a win against the St. Louis Rams. Then there been the losses to Tennessee and Houston. The Arizona Cardinals game should have been a win, but you can not rely on "Sea Bass"( Sebastian Janikowski) to win the game after entering the red zone five times.

Then, in the first game against a rival whose fans have laughed at the silver and black, the San Diego fans that thought the game in Oakland was going to be an easy win.

Shocking! Yes, the Chargers lost against a team that created huge turnovers. The best team won.

Oakland went out and played some real ball and won. For the Oakland Raiders and Tom Cable, it was known that they would win. It was in the heart of Bruce Gradkowski as he took the Raiders downfield. It was the turnovers that created the winning atmosphere.

So now the 0-5 San Francisco 49ers must face the team across the Bay. The silver and black. What weapons are available to San Francisco? Can you smell the fear?

To begin with, they have RB Frank Gore. Gore has a decent line and can get the ball through. The Oakland Raiders have one of the biggest defensive lines in the NFL and should be able to keep Gore under 100 yards Sunday.

The Raiders have both Michael Bush and Darren McFadden. Yes, McFadden may be playing. If this happens then the 49ers will have to spread the D and that will only hurt them.

San Francisco QB Alex Smith seems to pick up his game in the last quarter. If this happens then it will be failure as the Raiders are heated by games end. The 49ers will have to strike fast and sto...

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