Oakland Raiders: Should the Raiders Decide to Trade Up in the NFL Draft?

The Raiders are without a first-round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft and with glaring needs at offensive line, some in Raider Nation are calling to trade up into round one this year.

Fans seem to be split on what to do. Some feel trading up will cost too much; others claim it's necessary to the growth of the team.

There are plenty of teams in the first round willing to trade down this year, so finding a partner shouldn't be a problem.

The real issue here is price.

Do we really want to trade into round one when it will in all likeliness cost next year's first rounder?

Seriously, that's something you really need to ask yourself before advocating for a trade-up. Also keep in mind this year's draft class is one of the weakest in years.

Also keep in mind, however, that it is very strong when talking about the interior offensive line, although Mike Pouncey is the only first-round projected guard/center.

Pouncey is really the one guy the Raiders would trade into round one for, actually.

I'm very reluctant to make a deal, because of what impact it will have on the future. I feel it's best to trade up, but only within round two so we can grab a player like Marcus Cannon who could be gone by the time Oakland picks at No. 48.

The Patriots have the first pick in the second round and are reportedly very interested in trading it. I wouldn't trade more than this year's second and next year's third.

In conclusion: No, Nation, we probably should not trade into the first round unless the price is right, which it won't be.

It's best to build via free agency in which there will be a strong offensive line class.

Let's just hope there is a free agency this offseason.

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